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Calculate and track your position in Chest Rotation for game Clash Royale

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Obtain chest in Clash Royale is not a lucky thing, follows a fixed rotation. With this app you can calculate and track your position in the Chest Rotation and you know what will be your next chest.

Calculate your position in Chest Rotation

Basically there is a chest cycle in game. Every Chest that you get after the Battles is based on this cycle. When this cycle goes through, it will restart again. With this app you can know your position in this cycle.

Track your progress in Chest Cycle

With this app you can track your progress in the cycle, know the next chests you can win and see the number of days and chest left for the next Giant and Magical Chest.


Works great! It really shows with chest I gonna get, but thr best thing is that it shows my place in cycle

Benas Seliuginas

Pretty easy to use Better then its similars as it helps you to find your location on chest map so all players can use it, and players who already know there location can directly continue from there known location

00000BOB00000 Hajj

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